Engagement Sessions

The way I go about photographing couples' sessions might be a bit different from the norm. Instead of having beautiful photos of you against pretty scenery, together we try to figure out locations that are significant to you and explore them to create meaningful images that showcase the spark you share together. When you are comfortable in real life, it sure shows in photos. You'll be walking around, laughing, sharing a cocktail or hot cocoa, and if you're adventurous, strapping on a pair of skates and trying your best to support each other on ice. Whether we head downtown, to your campus, or to a favorite spot along the water, we'll develop a magical set of photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime. One of my favorite times to shoot is during what cinematographers have called "the magic hour" when the sun has just set, harsh shadows are eliminated, and the twinkling city lights become more prominent. I offer a limited number of engagement sessions each year. I've been lucky enough to have been hired for these shoots in faraway places, and welcome your inquiry! If you have questions or are ready to book a session, please review pricing.

Photographer Reviews

Mike and I recently had our engagement photos taken by Heather, and we had a great time working with her. She made the photoshoot fun and enjoyable, and was helpful pre-shoot in deciding what outfits and locations would be best for us. The pictures turned out amazing - we are so happy with the quality of the pictures and have received multiple comments from friends and family about how great they are. We would certainly recommend Heather to others

Catherine Schirm, Boston, MA

Heather Parker was an amazing photographer and very easy to work with. We loved her photojournalist style, emphasizing natural candid moments rather than posed portraits. We were lucky to have her, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mike Chen, Chicago, IL

Heather shot engagement photos of us in New York and a lot of the fun was kicking around the city with her.

Karen Rutzick, Boston/Chicago

We did our engagement shots on a very strange weather day in the fall. There was tons of fog and we were initially really disappointed that we would not be able to get any of the sky line. The pictures came out like something out of a fairy tale. They were beautiful. She really captured the surroundings and that the sky line was not at all missed.

Marta Porowski, Chicago, IL

Not only was Heather fun to work with, she was extremely experienced, prompt, organized, and professional -- providing us with helpful tips and pointers throughout the entire shoot (and even discussing wardrobe and location beforehand!) to help us get the very best shots. Neither my fiance nor I are extremely comfortable in front of cameras, but Heather helped us every step of the way, and our photos turned out beautifully. I don't think there was a single bad shot in our finished gallery that she provided. I highly recommend working with her!!!

Katherine Kollef and Chris Beaumont, San Francisco